Deadly Tarot - The Sorceress

Deadly Tarot - The Sorceress

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The Sorceress - A female practitioner of magic who has achieved a high level of mastery and skill in her craft. She is often seen as a powerful and mysterious figure who is able to manipulate the energies of the universe to achieve her desired outcomes.

The Sorceress can represent a need to tap into your inner power and connect with your intuition. She may also indicate the presence of a powerful and influential woman in your life, or the need to embrace your own feminine qualities of creativity and emotional depth.

The Sorceress card can also suggest the need to be cautious of your own power and avoid using it to manipulate or control others. Instead, the Sorceress encourages you to use your gifts for the greater good and to channel your energy towards positive change.

Overall, the Sorceress is a symbol of female power and mystery, and her presence in a reading or spiritual practice can indicate a need to connect with the feminine aspects of the divine.

Measuring 10.0cm x 15.0cm, this Deadly Tarot sign is perfect for any lover of fantasy and magic. Hang it on your wall and let the Sorceress cast her spell upon your home. Embrace the unknown and let the magic of Deadly Tarot take hold.

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