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'Children can be such monsters'We saw the new vampire movie, 'Abigail' a couple of weeks back but forgot to do a review. But I finally got a bit of time to air my thoughts on yet another vampire flick!To start things...
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SAW X: A Gory and Entertaining Return to Form In the realm of horror, few franchises have managed to endure as long as the SAW series. With its intricate traps, grisly deaths, and exploration of human depravity, SAW has carved...
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The phenom of A24

A24 has had a major impact on the horror genre in recent years. They have helped to revitalize the genre and make it more popular than ever before. Their films have also inspired a new generation of horror filmmakers.
However. other horror filmmakers may find it difficult to get their films made if A24 is already releasing all of the best horror films.

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